your way or the highway - why good negotiating matters

Dear Yogis, My childhood was filled with instability, we moved every year, we were always running out of things, or simply didn’t have things we needed at times. I learned early on to be resilient and to make the best with what I had in every situation, a sort of day to day life negotiation. I never grew up thinking life should be “my way or the highway,” because that reality simply didn’t exist. What I grew up learning, was to adjust and to compromise and that every interaction is essentially a negotiation. I share this story because negotiation is a huge part of daily life and a huge part of running a yoga business. Being a good negotiator matters and realizing that negotiating and compromise are to be expected will help you navigate the waters of entrepreneurship much easier. You are not supposed to have “everything your way.” It isn’t realistic to think this or to assert it - words currently lost on our president. It is also completely normal for people to be looking out for their own best interests. So many times I hear yoga business owners complaining “everyone wants something from me,” “everyone is just thinking about themselves all the time,” or “everyone is just trying to get ahead.” But, aren’t we all? It isn’t good or bad, it simply is what it is. Hopefully, we act ethically when we are out to “get ours” but as far as I can see it, it is completely normal for two parties who engage one another to both be looking out for their own best interests. The point truly is, where is the compromise? Where is the balance point where both parties feel equally valued for what they put in and what they get out? The sooner we realize and accept that every interaction/relationship is a transaction to be negotiated, the easier it is to conduct business, and in my opinion life.The very act of negotiating is valuable - though most yogis shy away from it. You learn where you can give, you learn where you can take. You learn what items in discussion are non-negotiable and which you are willing & able to compromise on. How can you get what you want and how can you get what’s important to you, while knowing the other party is doing the same and that you must meet them in the middle? To help you grow your negotiating skills, I am giving away free access to a 4 part video series, Top 4 Tips for Killer Negotiating. Redeem your lifetime access to the series here: Coupon Code: EMAILGIFT. Keep rocking Yogis, Ava If you love Top 4 Tips for Killer Negotiating and would like to hear more about our complete online business school, The Catalyst, please send a direct message to: