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Our Thoughts on 'dem New Yoga Alliance Standards

Teacher training programs are often an important part of a yoga business’s revenue y’all heard that the Yoga Alliance recently released new standards, right? If re-submitting your TT curriculum sounds like a nightmare, don’t panic—at least, that’s the (sage) advice of Rachel Scott, YAMA Talent’s brilliant instructional designer. Rachel has created thousands of hours of education, and supports yogis worldwide to create superior teacher trainings and online offerings. Read her thoughts on what you need to know about the new YA standards here and listen to our convo about it here!

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Year End Review 2019

Usually things aren’t as good, or as bad as we think.  Better to know the truth when it comes to small business because most of us aren’t operating with a lot of back up resources when things go awry. Year End Review… At the end of the year, after the cookies are all gone, or I’ve hidden them out of sight because I cannot look at them any longer, and the annual January Cleanse begins, I spend the free time I get back from not having any holiday parties to go to, or holiday errands to run, to conduct an annual Year End Review. As an entrepreneur with daily duties, urgent issues to tend to, team management, client maintenance and...

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