Your Yoga Business

The truth is, being a yoga business owner isn’t easy. But it is absolutely possible to succeed when you have access to the tools and techniques for success used by close to 1,000 yoga teachers and studio owners who built their successful yoga businesses from the ground up. Your Yoga Business gives you the chance to learn exactly what it takes to build real and sustainable growth as a yoga business owner—without having to learn everything the hard way.

In this one-of-a-kind resource, renowned yoga business expert Ava Taylor shares her insights and real-life experiences to give you an honest look at what it really takes to thrive in today’s environment.

Learn what works—and what doesn’t—and apply the insights to your own business and philosophy. You’ll find “homework activities” in each chapter, supplemented with more than 45 downloadable and customizable business forms available online, to guide you through the process of
  • reimagining your business by envisioning your dreams, telling your story, and crafting your visual identity;
  • defining your goods and services such as types of sessions, workshops, trainings, immersions, retreats, and products and merchandise;
  • building a business plan by clarifying your dreams and setting your goals;
  • refining your message by mastering consistent and courageous marketing;
  • implementing your plan by creating connections and identifying strategies; and
  • getting it done by knowing how to be the boss you need to be.
Create the business you’ve always dreamed of with Your Yoga Business. It is your road map to success.

Earn continuing education credits/units! A continuing education exam that uses this book is also available. It may be purchased separately or as part of a package that includes both the book and exam.