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Catalyst Marketing Strategy - Optimize Your Brand  

Brand Strategy

A great brand strategy depends on understanding what your company stands for and how to reinforce that knowledge through your internal company policies, products, and communication strategies. A great brand is purpose driven, and consistent allowing it to develop loyal employees and a loyal audience.  A great brand listens.  Fine-tune your brand positioning by tapping in to over 20 years of experience working exclusively with all the notable start ups and blue chip brands in the wellness space. We’re not here to rebrand what you do, we’re here to help you do it better.

Crisis Management

In a world that is a shifting cultural, political and generational landscape - there is increased visibility, scrutiny even on what a brand stands for and believes in.  Brands often find themselves on uncertain ground, where what you don’t say often matters as much as what you do.

This makes maintaining a healthy brand image harder than ever before.  Tap into our unparalleled industry knowledge coupled with our lived experience as a queer, minority female led business to ensure you stay current on the fault lines and navigate tricky situations well. We are also adept at helping you identify crises before they occur.

Increase Brand Awareness

Catalyze the awareness of your brand in the wellness space by plugging into our network of over 3 MIO of the right people. Whether launching a new book or product line, or looking to quickly increase your connections, opportunities [press & engagements] and name recognition - we are your plug to high profile yoga teachers, media outlets, content platforms and yoga studios and brands.  Let us help you cut through the noise and get to the right people, fast.

Content Strategy

A great brand, communicates, thoughtfully, evocatively and consistently in a way that is fun, engaging and in alignment with its core values.

Let us help you refine your messaging, from email copy to social, from paid advertising to product descriptions, from hosting events to your PR outreach.  You’re already communicating, let us help you do it better.

Focus Groups/Listening Tours

Great brand strategy relies on knowing what your audience thinks, feels, what’s important to them.  There are incredible learnings that can arise from deep listening, your new audience wants to be heard AND they want to hear from you.  Let us listen and be the sounding board between you and your target audience.  As experts in the space with historical knowledge of the industry, and a keen ear to the street for cultural, political and generational trends we are able to not only listen well, but to harvest the most potent actionable outcomes from the listening for your brand.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing isn’t as potent as it used to be and we won’t waste your time or marketing budget overpromising on what a single influencer can do; however, influencer marketing remains an important way to reinforce a strong marketing campaign  Quickly plug into our network of over 3MIO get the word out about your brand.

State of Your Brand

We’ve been at the cutting edge of yoga and wellness for over 20 years.  We have ridden the wave of the birth of Instagram and the internet, we’ve been behind the scenes of behemoth brands like lululemon and Peloton as well as mom & pop brands across the globe.  We are tapped into every corner of the market, including talent, media, events and brands. We see trends and we help create them.  Understanding your place in the stratosphere is critical to refining your business strategy and to optimizing your brand.

New Audience Acquisition

The world is changing but how to keep up, keep pace and get ahead?  Most companies know that new audience acquisition is critical to their future. Let us help you build a smart, savvy way to connect with, inspire and attract the staff and customers of the future.


We’ve been planning and hosting some of the most exciting wellness events on the planet for over a decade - whether an intimate one night event, a full weekend experience, a main stage activation or a series of bespoke events - we can manage the creative ideation, curating & booking of talent, the planning, logistics, day of/onsite support as well as moderating and hosting for you.

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