Killing Perfection


This newsletter was supposed to go out a month ago. Yet here I am working on a third (or fourth!) version suffering from a hard core perfection infection. Can anybody out there feel me? Is your productivity / output being slowed down by your desire to make things, “perfect?” Perfect by definition:  is the condition, state or quality of being free as possible from all flaws, defects or fault. And, we all know that perfection is not possible.  So, how can I be suffering from something that doesn’t really exist? Perfection is a disease that affects all creators, at times, with paralyzing symptoms such as:
  1. Micro - managing and obsessing over details - “you know, I just can’t send it out, it just isn’t right yet.”

  2. Obsessing over the response or reaction your action will create - “I can’t send it out because I am not sure what people are going to think.”

  3. Worrying that you aren’t giving enough information.  Because I mean hey, you know a lot about X. - “I can’t send it out because it is too simple and I can go so much deeper with this topic.  If I keep working on it, I’ll eventually cover it all.”

So what happens if you don’t learn how to kill perfection?

  1. You get left behind.

  2. You don’t get valuable feedback.

  3. You don’t get rewarded.  Being the BEST is NOT always rewarded, sometimes it’s the fastest that takes the prize.  Sound familiar?  Anyone know someone out there who isn’t half as good as you are at X that is WINNING.  Exactly.  You may have a perfection infection.

Let’s look at Sue who wants to start marketing herself using video, but just can’t seem to get going:

  1. Sue:  I don’t know what I am doing. Me: but if you don’t START how will you ever learn?

  2. Sue:  I don’t have a fancy camera. Me:  START with your iphone.

  3. Sue:  I am afraid people will hate my videos. Me:  How will you know if you don’t ever post one?

I am not saying don’t give a shit what you do/say, or put out into the world.

I am saying don’t let it paralyze your productivity.   

And, that NOT having it all figured out is a normal and important part to the creation process allowing for feedback and experience you need to create a better product.