Get Your Head Out Of The Sand

The truth is... Being a yoga entrepreneur ain’t easy ... There are so many moving parts, so many moving people, constant changes in technology, limited resources, and juggling day to day responsibilities. I know because I am one and because we receive hundreds of emails and hear first hand accounts, from yoga entrepreneurs who are looking for tools and strategies to either: Save their businesses, or, to take their businesses from GOOD to GREAT. When we begin with a client our first step is to assess the situation. As an entrepreneur it becomes difficult to see the forest from the trees for most of us. We are simply too busy running things on the daily to stop and assess. Why is assessment so important, anyways? For starters, you are able to to properly examine each individual area of your business and to see what the reality is, not what you THINK the reality is. As entrepreneurs, we often tell ourselves stories about our businesses and depending on your personality type, you’re either the entrepreneur that focuses on what’s wrong and that has trouble seeing what is positive & going well;  or you’re the entrepreneur with their head in the clouds that thinks things are humming along just fine, when there are actually lots of vital areas for improvement that need to be addressed. As assessment gives you an opportunity to identify and track your failures: what you learned, how to resolve these issues, and how to prevent them moving forward.  Conversely you are also able to identify and track your highlights and successes: what you learned, and how to capitalize on what you want to cultivate more of! This gives you a true vantage point; the TRUTH. (Usually things aren’t as good, or as bad as we think.  Better to know the truth when it comes to small business because most of us aren’t operating with a lot of back up resources when things go awry.) Speaking of going awry… another huge advantage of doing a assessment is that it allows you to ANTICIPATE and create solutions before things are desperate or to keep momentum and stay ahead in the areas where you WINNING. There is something so powerful about seeing things in black & white. It arms us to make smart and sometimes difficult decisions because we have FACTS in front of us from which to act. As an entrepreneur, I like to keep my tools as simple as possible. So, I wanted to share with you all our assessment tool: AREA   What's Working?
  • Highlights/Successes
  • How to Capitalize
Whats Not Working?
  • Failures/Areas of Opportunity
  • What Did We Learn from the Failure?
  • How to Solve/Recommendation
Major Questions to Answer / Outstanding Issues to Resolve Don't be afraid of the B & W yogis! X, Ava


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