6 Month Retainer - Career Coaching and Council

6 Month Retainer - Career Coaching and Council

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Have pressing business matters?  Overwhelmed by emails to collaborate?  Tired of running the race alone? 

No sounding board to bounce ideas off of, let alone to support decision making and bringing projects to fruition?  

Achieving substantial growth requires long term planning, and step by step guidance and support.  An ongoing coaching relationship provides:  accountability, structure, mentorship, experience & access. 

Tap into over 15 years of experience negotiating, vetting and creating opportunities,(see our Who We Work For page), as well as launching, maintaining, and leveling up yoga businesses.  Make sure you are not missing out on things, and make sure you are making the most of things.

In a fast moving and currently unpredictable market place, nothing creates true progress, like having an expert guide who knows you & your business, and who is by your side, every step of the way.  

This retainer meets monthly for 6 months and includes unlimited access via text & email.