Mastering Entrepreneurship - Consulting Package

Mastering Entrepreneurship - Consulting Package

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 Looking to catalyze real and sustainable growth for yourself as a yoga teacher?  Looking to build a 360° foundation for your yoga business to go the distance?  Welcome to Mastering Entrepreneurship.

In this in depth, guided program, we walk you through each of our tried and tested Kick Starters:
  • Road Map.

  • Entrepreneurship 101.

  • Get Your ‘Ish Together.

  • Put Your Message on a Mission.

  • Revv Up.

As well as providing personalized general coaching and council for all your pressing business matters.

Part of being a yoga business owner is trial & error, but that doesn’t mean you aren't allowed to speed or provoke your progress.  Take your business further, faster with Mastering Entrepreneurship.