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Get your Yogapalooza on with Bari Koral!

Discover a world of songs and activities created for children, so that they can discover the world of yoga, movement, and relaxation. Bari Koral created a course with 28 lectures and over 1.5 hours of content, to instruct parents and teachers, how to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into the classroom and at home. Check out Bari Koral's course, Yogapalooza! Music and Activities for Kids Yoga, that is now available on Udemy!

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Yoga, Diversity, and Embracing Who We Are

Check out the June 2015 Issue of Yoga Journal featuring Chelsea Jackson as cover model and Home Practice Teacher! Be sure to check out her FULL INTERVIEW about Yoga, Diversity, and Embracing Who We Are . “Privilege is something that can make the unfamiliar invisible. Privilege doesn’t make you a bad person; however, denying the voices and experiences of those affected by your privilege is damaging. Privilege is relative and can change from setting to setting. In the case of some of the communities with whom I work, I have to check my privilege as well. Although, I may not have privileges in some spaces because of my gender or race, my education and “able” body has afforded me privileges...

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Meet Chelsea Jackson, Janelle Monae's Yoga Instructor

Chelsea Jackson is a yogi on a mission. When the Spelman College alum isn't teaching R&B singer Janelle Monáe how to "do that yoga," she's putting her Ph.D. from Emory college to great use through her yoga, literature and art camp for black and brown girls from marginalized communities. With all that on her plate, she also finds time to manage her website, a platform she uses to discuss racial disparities and privilege within the practice. Read Chelsea's full interview with the Huffington Post here.

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