Yoga Isn’t One Size Fits All – Neither Is Your Yoga Business

Hi Yogi’s, Happy 2018! If there is one thing we know for sure at YAMA it’s that yoga is not one size fits all, and that’s exactly how it ought to be. As a network of educators & artists we are lucky enough to see every day just how diverse the yoga industry really is. We are blessed to get to meet and support many of the incredible voices & missions, faces & shapes, who are out there doing their work intentionally & tirelessly -  though maybe these aren’t the faces and voices you see & hear every day - yet! Representation is important in our industry because it allows people who perhaps think that yoga isn’t “for them” to feel as if they belong. Oprah recently spoke to this point in her incredible Golden Globes speech the week before last. Representation is more than color, it is gender, it is orientation, it is size, it is shape, it is age, it is education, it is income, it is ability, it is disability. It is going to take educators & artists of ALL KINDS, to be seen and heard in order for us to accomplish our mission of bringing to tools of wellness to communities of ALL KINDS. We are not there yet, but we are on our way. We want to kick a huge shout out to Jade Yoga who’s entire 2018 Calendar is dedicated to: celebrating diversity in yoga. #progress, Ava
Yoga isn’t one size all and neither is your yoga business. Take a peek at some of the amazingly diverse ways that we have supported educators & artists this past year :
  • Pitch packages for media & booking opportunities
  • Marketing plans, including social media assets
  • Online course creation
  • 30 Hour Curriculum, 100 Hour Curriculum - Yoga Alliance Certified
  • Brand Refinement - Yoga School, Yoga Teacher of 20+, 10+, 5+ years
  • Curriculum Refinement - Yoga Teacher of 20+ years
  • Creation of Brand Guidelines for Trademark Compliance - Yoga School
  • Creation of 2 Year Business Plan - Yoga School & Yoga Teachers of 20+, 10+, 3+ years
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