Ava Taylor Helps Others Turn Passion Into Profit | Yogapreneur

This visionary took a leap of faith to start a one-of-a-kind business. by Suncear Scretchen Ava Taylor’s believes in being an agent of change. Not only is being a “catalyst for better living” her company’s tagline, it’s also her personal philosophy. Taking a leap of faith, Taylor left a lucrative job and moved to New York City to start Yama Talent, the only management company focusing on yoga professionals. Like many visionaries, she witnessed the permeation of yoga into the mainstream and decided to craft a business around it. Although the company is growing exponentially, Taylor still considers it a labor of love as she sees Hollywood-level success for her clients and continues to work diligently to make that happen. It’s clear that she’s passionate in helping elevate others who have made their passion a livelihood and that makes her a top choice in this year’s Yogapreneur series. Read Ava's interview here.