Twee Merrigan


Twee is a globally recognized senior teacher and trainer of Prana Flow® yoga. Her vinyasa flow classes are transformational, heart-provoking and often described by students as “a life-changing experience.” As a yoga activist, she promotes individual, small-scale conscious actions to create grand-scale affects for all beings on the planet.

Twee resides an hour’s drive north of New York City with her husband Jason, daughter Hana Sky, + rescue dog Marley. Her teachings are inspired by a much quieter rhythm then the three-year nomadic tour that ended in early 2011 when she traveled, taught, and lived in a different country every two weeks, empowering and pollinating change wherever she landed. After landing now for over two years, having had a baby, and settling into home and more silence, Twee is now offering more reflective and meditative flow classes then in the past…aligning with her own rhythm and helping to balance the rhythm of most of our students’ “go go and keep going” daily flows.

Her teachings are inspired by her family; her tribe of friends around the planet; the Twee Yoga Collective™ teacher tribe; her teacher Shiva Rea (founder of Prana Flow®); a decade of her New York City corporate sales experience prior to becoming a yoga teacher; her Hatha, Tantra, Ayurveda, bhakti, and yoga mudra studies; and the inherent beauty, intelligence, and truth of Nature and Goddess.

She continues to travel abroad to Asia, Europe, + Australia offering teacher trainings and workshops.