Sid McNairy III

“Yoga has increased my game physically and mentally! It also benefits the body as well as the mind giving one a relaxed state of mind as well as a fresh strong renewed heart and mind. I believed that weight lifting was all I needed to be a complete athlete but I was wrong. Sid Yoga has changed my entire perception of Yoga. I have suggested yoga to my past; previous and current teammates in order to get stronger, faster, and more flexible. Taking class at Sid yoga has no age limit, any and everyone regardless of age, skill level, and flexibility can join.”—Gerrad Sheppard, Baltimore Ravens
“Sid is a FORCE. The energy, the knowledge, the playfulness and the pace of the class are all perfect and I always leave feeling like a better version of me.”—Neghar Fonooni, personal trainer & life coach


Sid McNairy’s classes provoke one to find freedom—an experience that begins on the mat and stays with you long after you step away. Building on the Power Vinyasa Yoga tradition, Sid guides students through a physically active flow intended to heal, detoxify and electrify body and mind at their deepest levels. Prepare to be invigorated!

It is through empowering others that Sid has made a mark on the world. His coaching background gives him a unique way of expressing and landing in the spirit of everyone in the room. You will find that as you practice with Sid your spirit is lifted to a higher place. Teachers have found that training with Sid gives them the space to express themselves like never before while gaining a powerful expression for being for others.

Sid’s incredible energy empowers everyone. Both beginners and advanced yogis find the space to modify postures, creating their individual experience. Underlining the rhythm the flow is always freedom—making way for a true experience of peace and love leaving one open to a state of love from within. One of Sid’s many gifts is his ability to instill the tools to make those shifts; leaving students feeling light, revived in spirit and empowered to continue what began in class, off the mat.

Sid has also launched his music debut with “Walk with Love.” You can find Sid on the “Walk with Love” tour throughout 2015. Download his music today on iTunes. Looking for words of inspiration? Check out Sid’s first book “Empowerment and Beyond.”

Practice with McNairy at his home studio, on a retreat, or in one of his signature workshops. McNairy’s style will empower all to reach their greatest potential in every way. Whether you are a teacher, student, athlete or walking the path, you want to take the opportunity to study with Sid and be ready to soar.