Ryan Cunningham


Primed with the strong intellect and wealth of knowledge of his seasoned teachers, Ryan Cunningham is ushering in the younger generation of yoga educators and students.

Ryan hails from Boston, where he teaches public classes at Back Bay Yoga Studio. From a young age Ryan understood the importance of a consistent and disciplined practice–a seed planted early through music, long before coming to yoga. Having spent most of his teenage years pursuing music, Ryan went on to receive his Bachelor’s from Chicago College of Performing Arts and MM in Jazz Composition from Boston’s New England Conservatory of Music. Years of dedicated practice on the saxophone, flute, clarinet and piano halted his musical pursuits when Ryan developed a severe case of tendonitis. Threatened with the likelihood this injurious cycle could be permanent, Ryan went to yoga at his bodyworker’s suggestion. It was yoga that provided the skills and tools for Ryan to heal and maintain his body, and it is with an exceptionally thoughtful mindset that Ryan now shares yoga with others.

Cunningham is grateful to have studied with some truly remarkable teachers including Cyndi Lee, Ginny Nadler, Judith Lasater and many more. Over the past few years Ryan has continued to study with his primary mentors: Barbara Benagh, Tom Alden, and David Nichtern. His approach as a teacher is not limited to a particular style. Ryan’s diverse background has allowed him to get to the heart of yoga in many forms: philosophy, meditation and asana (both physically vigorous and restorative). Ryan now leads workshops, immersions, retreats and Dharma Talks in the US and abroad.

Ryan Cunningham guides his students to uncover self-knowledge; directing them not with what to think, but rather what to think about. His breadth of clinical knowledge is expansive and his instruction is rooted in his own tireless exploration of asana and meditation. Ryan’s classes are sophisticated, goofy and approachable yet demanding. Let go of expectations, rigid dogma or specific method, so that you may truly attend to your own body, breath, choices and intention. Find a better understanding of the mechanics, action and intention of a pose. Ryan has a rare gift for articulating the complexities of the practice, and his warm and welcoming spirit touches everyone regardless of their age, experience, ability, injury or size. Prepare for an enjoyable, holistic experience to unearth physical, emotional and mental peace.