With a keen instinct for the body and the professional training to back it up, Alycea’s signature style is a unique blend of athletic coaching and whole body healing.  Ungaro’s statement that “Pilates is a body maintenance system which serves as a perfect foundation for all other activities at any stage of life.” is one that is readily apparent in each of her classes and sessions.  Peppering each lesson with a solid strengthening protocol, a dash of flexibility, loads of alignment and symmetry and a healthy dose of humor, Alycea delivers the most essential type of fitness training;  the kind that is fun to do and makes all your other life style activities that much better.

Alycea’s background as a classical dancer led her to classical Pilates and finally to a degree in Physical Therapy.  She is also a certified Peri-Natal specialist and a rabid fitness enthusiast herself.  Her classes reflect her education but also her varied passions for resistance training, Ashtanga Yoga, dance and more.