Raghunath can take an ordinary space and turn it into an ashram. “I walk out of the room and into the subway singing!” one of his students recently commented. This is why 75% of the students in his advanced classes are yoga teachers themselves, and although a very physical if not extremely acrobatic class, one walks out of the door not as if they’ve been to a gym working out, but, in fact touched spiritually and emotionally. Raghunath weaves in his 20+ years of practicing and living like a yogi to demonstrate “the yogi’s paradigm of reality.” Raghunath’s gift is to take the esoteric yoga philosophy of ancient India, which he studied for 6.5 years in an ashram as a celibate bramachari (monk), and make it accessible and practical for the contemporary world. This he does eloquently with enthusiasm, humor, song and passionate devotion. Though students may come for flexibility, strength building and stamina, which are the staples and rewards of his classes, they generally get hooked on the more subtle aspects of yogic healing-the calming of the mind and awakening of their dormant spirit selves.  Elevate your practice with Raghunath – in a powerful and playful class filled with inspiration and insight.  Let your own dynamic signature practice take shape, as you push your edge and realize your potential, no matter what level you’re at.


Raghunath is …Ex-punk, ex-monk, husband, father of five, inversion ambassador, bent on Bhakti,  detox junkie, evolution assistant, coalesced by kirtan, cacao consumer, puranic story teller, reciter of Gita, potential excavation, fixed on elevation, take a deep breath. beyond birth and death. Prana hunter, animal friendly, transcendence in training, born to give, live today,  full contact fighter, devours durians, likes to chant, likes a challenge, servant of the servants, harmonium hugger, conscious of Krishna.  Raghunath born Ray Cappo  was a Lower east side  hardcore/punk singer songwriter icon, touring the globe in his teens. In a decadent music scene infested with hard drugs, negativity & intoxication he was  an anomaly and a light  propounding clean living,positive attitude and vegetarian lifestyle, inspiring tens of thousands of fans internationally. Since his youth he was fascinated with eastern thought and took his inspiration from Emerson, Ghandi, Thoreau,  The Bhuddhist Sutras,  The Bible and the Bhagavad Gita. He started practicing yoga in NYC in 1987 with the esteemed Sri Dharma Mitra as well as Shivananada Yoga.  The pettiness of the business of music and the untimely death of his father led him to India in 1988 where he dove deeper  into the the lifestyle and spirituality of India. He became a celibate monk at a Krishna Bhakti Ashram for  6 years where he intensely studied, meditated and lived the ancient yogic texts.  In 1991 in the sacred village of Vrindavan he was awarded the name Raghunath and two years later in that same holy town awarded diksha  or the sacred thread, for his study.  Now, 23 years later, he’s an accomplished yogi in many styles, married with four children he leads retreats, workshops and and yoga teacher trainings especially in Los Angeles and New York City. He is an expert at taking the esoteric yoga philosophy and making it understandable and practical for the contemporary world.  He is an inspirational force in the community by living  yoga and  taking the esoterica of yoga philosophy and making it practical and understandable in contemporary life.