James Bae


James H Bae is a NY State licensed Acupuncturist, herbalist and specialist in traditional Asian medicine. As an author and researcher in the fields of East Asian philosophy and medicine, he has published a number of books, journal articles and developed Ayurveda and yoga curriculum. James maintains a long-standing, private clinical practice (Bae Acupuncture) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and is the director and primary clinician at his outreach clinic, Community Acupuncture Project (CAP).

James’ practice draws from extensive study of the medical traditions of India, China and Japan – including classical literature and modern clinical research. His work is infused by academic rigor, as well as hands-on expertise, drawing from an extensive background in manual and movement therapy.

James completed formal training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and post-graduate herbal studies, along with successive degrees in integrative health services, with a focus on Ayurveda and Chinese medicine for women’s health. He also participated in an Acupuncture Fellowship administered through the Continuum Center for Health and Healing, Beth Israel Medical Center.

James engages a discourse between traditional and contemporary psychosomatic medicine and affective neurobiology in his clinical approach to psycho-emotional and mood disorders. Through research and practice, he aims to contribute to the development of contemplative, mind-body medicine, and innovate currents in Asian medicine and therapy.

James completed a Mindfulness-Based Contemplative Psychotherapy training, and is continuing in Compassion-Based care through Nalanda Institute.

James has traveled the globe and continues to be fascinated by the local, indigenous and regional cuisines of various cultures, appreciating the history, economy and ecology of food systems. Over the years, his keen interest in dietary therapeutics has nurtured a wisdom around the role ofHe believes the art and soul of healing can be found in the kitchen.

James continues to research and practice the herbal traditions of Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Kampo and Tibetan Medicine, recognizing the efficacy and place of these disciplines in the current medical/healthcare context.

For over twenty years, James has studied the contemplative traditions of India, China and Tibet and maintains a particular interest in traditional Hatha Yoga. In 2002, he served as a curriculum developer at Yoga Research and Education Center, under Georg Feuerstein. An avid textual researcher and practitioner, James has offered his unique approaches to yoga education since 2003.

As Director of Samaya Education, he facilitates the study of ritual, philosophical and psychological facets of Asian Medicine healing, contemplative medicine and the preservation of traditional medicine therapies. His two bodies of work include a national research initiative called THE YOGA OF MEDICINE and he is also completing work on his latest book, focusing on contemplative Asian medicine.