Jai Sugrim

Like so many of the best teachers, Jai Sugrim is first and foremost a dedicated student. A pupil of yoga masters Sharon Gannon and David Life, Jai spreads the teachings and vision of Jivamukti Yoga. His love of yoga and desire to share his experience with others come through in all he does.

Jai’s students describe him as a guide, insisting his offerings go far beyond those of other instructors. The Jivamukti classes Jai leads encompass a powerful asana sequence coupled with philosophical teachings from the ancient texts of yoga. Intimidated of the mat? Expect relief and fall in love with yoga as all Jai’s students do. Surprising twists, turns and peak poses leave students feeling open and lengthened; exhausted and satisfied. Surgical precision, hands-on adjustments and individualized attention to the progression of each student go hand-in-hand with Jai’s knowledgeable approach.

Often described as the “Paragon of the Modern Yogi Man,” Jai never lets mind, body and spirit be treated in isolation. His practice provides more than physical health and healing, but enhances emotional well-being. Students seeking a spiritual and philosophical connection will find inspiration. Throughout the asana practice, Jai weaves in mantra chanting and readings from Patajali’s Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita: ancient wisdom perfectly placed in the context of a contemporary life.

Jai shares a deep understanding of how the body can move, along with the mental capacity to get there. At the crux of Jai’s teaching is the belief enlightenment can be achieved through the practice of expressing compassion for all living beings. Through lightness and compassion in mind and body, we can find a sweet contentment that allows us to shine.


Native New Yorker Jai Sugrim currently teaches Jivamukti Yoga internationally. He has studied directly at the feet of yoga masters Sharon Gannon and David Life and is passionate about sharing his experience with all who sincerely seek a healthier and more enlightened life.

Jai leads Jivamukti classes that encompass a powerful asana sequence coupled with philosophical teachings from the ancient texts of yoga. In addition, he has had an adventurous and prolific career as an athletic trainer and massage therapist. He worked with the New York Yankees during the 2000 and 2001 seasons, when he earned a World Series Championship Ring as the Yankees defeated the Mets in the 2000 World Series. Jai comes from an extremely athletic background; he plays every sport with a ball and has run hundreds of road races, completing the NYC Marathon in 2002 and 2005. Having reaped the benefits of yoga in all areas of athletic performance, Jai recommends it to serious athletes as a means to increase mental focus and prevent injuries.

The reformed raver—now known to rock out to Sanskrit mantras at home—never misses an opportunity to embrace adventure. Teaching internationally has allowed Jai to share his yoga with different cultures and indulge his love of travel. He has ridden his motorcycle through the mountain passes of the Andes and the Himalayas, and recently rode 7,000 kilometers in India where, he crossed 12 states.

Jai is the host and star of Yoga Sutra Now, a popular television program airing in the United States on the Veria Living Network. On the show, Jai teaches yoga asanas, chants Om and the Sutras and interviews today’s most experienced yogis who are steeped in practice and wisdom (Sharon Gannon, David Life, Rodney Yee, Shri Dharma Mittra, Mark Whitwell, Dechen Thurman and more…) He has been featured in several national publications including The New York Times and has appeared on The Today Show.

Jai has been blessed to have the teachings of yoga transmitted by his teachers, and strongly supports their vision and work. Devotion to yoga, in its purest, most authentic form is what fuels Jai’s daily practice.