Erica Garcia

Yoga Philosophy

Erica Garcia’s Nueva Alma™ Flow will leave you feeling like your chakras did the cha-cha. Heavily influenced by Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa traditions, this workshop-esque experience typically includes aromatherapy, mindful meditation, dharma talk, and sound healing—practitioners have said that “you may not get the yoga you wanted, but you will definitely get the yoga you didn’t know you needed.”

Nueva Alma™ is an innate and intuitive flow that demystifies the esoteric so students can stoke their curiosity and invoke self-inquiry, all while igniting the spirit and activating the physical body. With electrifying passion, a dose of grit and realness, and her fun, sarcastic humor, Erica creates an environment of safety and inclusivity, allowing all students to learn and accept that they, too, can do this thing called yoga.


Erica Garcia E-RYT, YACEP, with nearly a decade of teaching is one of the most celebrated Latin Powerhouse yoga figures. Her breath of knowledge and skill also shapes her and separates her as a teachers’ teacher and often sought after yoga mentor . Often called the “Nuyorican Sage,” this Bi-Lingual New York native’s personal practice spans over three decades and several lineages, and in that time she’s crafted a unique signature style all her own.

Erica found yoga at 16 years old, and taught herself through books she found. As a former gymnast, she realized early on that the only time she felt whole was when in movement synced with breath—it was in those moments that she could connect with her inner voice and spirit. Just eight years later, she was stricken with a debilitating autoimmune illness. Defying doctors’ recommendations, she sought her own path. She chose to deepen her yoga practice, and use what she knew of Ayurveda and holistic remedies passed down from the elder women of her family, to heal herself. Since then, she has used these methods time and time again to rebuild her body.

Nothing would test this inner resilience more than 9/11. Having personally survived the tragedy of that day, Erica was presented with a new sense of brokenness and trauma—and a new crossroads.

“I needed to stop the bullshit and go for it. I know, I survived for a reason.”

She chose to dig deep, and once again used her mat to heal. It was then that
Erica began teaching—making yoga accessible to all, so that students could access these same inner tools whether on the mat or in the street.

Upon receiving her 200-hr certification at Yoga Works, she took a leap of faith and opened the Nueva Alma™ Yoga & Wellness studio in Yonkers, NY in 2012. Four years later, Nueva Alma became the home of the A.L.M.A. (Asana, Lifestyle, Meditation, Acceptance) Institute, a center for yoga and holistic education, where Erica is also the founder and director of an interdisciplinary 200-hr yoga teacher training, weaving in integrative health and holistic life coaching for each trainee.

Erica has studied and furthered her craft with teachers such as her mentor, Krishna Kaur, with whom Erica ran the NYC region of the Y.O.G.A for Youth program, providing yoga to juveniles in the Dept. of Juvenile Justice. She has also trained with the likes of Seane Corne, Tao Porchon Lynch, Carrie Owerko, Colleen Saidman and Rodney Yee, Aadil Palkivala, David Swenson, Raji Thron and Anodea Judith, among others. Erica is certified in Usui Reiki Level I/II, as well as the Yoga Warriors method for teaching yoga to veterans and those suffering with PTSD. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in 2017, Erica and a team of other Hispanic yoga teachers created the Ceiba Soul Foundation to pool their talents in assisting with disaster recovery in Puerto Rico.

As one of the premier Latina figures in wellness, she continues to be on the forefront of seeking and fighting for diversity in the yoga industry, and often travels internationally as a yoga and meditation instructor, wellness educator, doTERRA essential oil educator and leader, and keynote motivational speaker. Her signature style is called the Nueva Alma™ Flow (in Spanish, nueva alma translates to “new soul”) because, in her words, “the You that steps on the mat will not be the You that steps off after.”

She’s been featured in many local and national media, including her recent commission for the 2019 Jade Yoga Mat calendar. She has been featured in two issues of Mantra Magazine, appears on the cover of NY Yoga + Life Magazine’s Goddess issue (2019), and was named one of NYC’s most inspirational teachers (2016). She’s also been a main presenter at SoulFest, Ahimsa Yoga & Music Festival, and the Urban Retreat at the Rubin Museum, NYC, among others.

Erica has made these milestones in the yoga industry all while still maintaining her “day job” in the finance industry, which she has held for over two decades. She is currently at work on her first book.