Elise Joan


Co-creator of the best selling, inaugural yoga program for Beachbody, and a top lifestyle/yoga influencer for LIVESTRONG, Elise Joan is an innovative and inspiring celebrity yoga teacher, trainer and wellness expert, with a mega watt smile.

One of the stars of the 2017 television show YOGA GIRLS, Elise’s career as an ‘on air personality, online yoga pioneer & community leader in the yoga mecca of Venice, CA.,’ was chronicled in this Z Living Docuseries.

Elise is second to none when it comes to on air personality and has lead live TV yoga programming on Good Day LA, ABC News, and QVC alongside Emmy winning journalist Leeza Gibbons.

Selling out event venues and yoga practice rooms across the country, Elise is a prolific promoter, marketer, spokesperson and brand ambassador with heart, who is not afraid to authentically share her genuine love for her favorite products across all categories.  Ask any of her existing partners, (Beachbody, Seedlip, Roxy, Reebok, FitBit, New Balance, and lululemon) Elise knows how to move units just as much as she knows how to move bodies.

Elise’s tremendous virtual reach can be accessed via her beautifully curated and inspiring social media handles, her numerous weekly on air partnerships and through her innovative self-built website EliseJoanFitness.com which allows users to build yoga ‘playlists’ from a library of 10 minute flows created to blend breath, athleticism, and meditation – a “Spotify” for yoga + fitness.

A favorite of the festival and event circuit, Elise’s high energy dynamic style have led crowds of more than 1,000 yogis as a headline teacher for Wanderlust. As a lifestyle contributor, her work has been featured in IN STYLE, SELF, GAIAM, SHAPE and YOGA JOURNAL.

Elise is known for her joy-infused sequencing, which awakens the spirit and makes her classrooms come alive. Her expressive, breath centered athletic flows, intensely challenge the body, compassionately open the heart, and intentionally broaden the mind.  She is a passionate and energetic teacher, who empowers students through her real life experiences, to fully indulge in the limitless beauty and divine energy of life.

Her dynamic intuitive positivity inspires self-discovery & personal growth as her classes make traditional yogic principles accessible and relative to the modern student, who are always coming back for more!

Always inspired to learn and deepen her education, Elise is certified in multiple fitness disciplines and has studied a spectrum of movement from martial arts to boxing.  Elise is the creator of “Kick Asana Flow ™” an athletic and energetic vinyasa practice, which seamlessly fuses unique and free-spirited sequencing with kick-ass inspiration.

Born into the electric energy of Manhattan, Elise’s love of self-expression through movement began as a child dancing with the Virginia Ballet Company.  A graduate of The College of William and Mary, and fascinated by the power and freedom of dance, she went on to study myriad styles- from tap to lyrical- and quickly landed on a Broadway tour, which began her theatrical career in NYC.  When a vocal injury abruptly ended her theater career, Elise entered her first yoga studio and found hope, power and a profound soul connection.  Inspired to take a major life challenge and turn it into a calling, Elise found her true voice and committed herself to sharing the transformational power of yoga with the world.