Audi Gozlan


Audi Gozlan is the founder of Kabalah Yoga, a unique style of Hatha flow yoga that fuses the ancient wisdom of Kabalah with the practice of yoga. Audi teaches the asanas as Sacred Shapes for the body to be energized and be the temple of light.

“If we can direct our flow to greater awareness, then our practice of yoga becomes a major force in our lives.” The body is your temple and each asana you glorify is a message for the body to embrace. Audi believes that many of the asanas resemble the ancient Hebrew letters he calls Sacred Shapes. Kabalah teaches that the Sacred Shapes are the tools of creation, constantly creating and reanimating everything out of nothingness. By practicing yoga with more awareness, we embrace not only the power and energy of the poses but also their deep meaning and light.

Audi is a Prana Flow instructor and assistant to well-known international yoga teacher Shiva Rea at her training sessions. Audi is a member of the Yoga Alliance RYT500 and teaches at various studios in Montreal when he is not traveling to offer workshops. Audi’s classes feature special vinyasa flows and mandalas that symbolize meaningful ideas based on the Sacred Shapes. His yoga music, which features artists from all parts of the world, is equally inspiring since it flows into the practice he shares and the spirit of unity he offers.

Audi is the author of two DVD’s–“Kabalah Yoga: Awaken Your Soul” and “Mystic Flow: The Chakra-Sefirot Connection”. A third DVD “Templates of Yoga Flow”is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2016.

Audi is the host of a popular yoga television series airing daily in Canada on Zoomer and on ONE, The Mind, Body and Spirit Channel television network.