Annika Isterling


Annika Isterling is a yoga instructor by heart. She enjoys inspiring people to practice yoga, especially those who never dared to do it or thought it wasn’t for them. Her intention is to integrate modern spirituality into everyday life. With her hashtag #itsallaboutconnection she manifests her dedication to get people more deeply connected to themselves, to their bodies, their heart and the people in their life. For her, yoga is not about showing off fancy poses but accessing the simplest pose with full awareness and finding healing in the smallest movements.

Her main work is teaching private classes where she combines her coaching and yoga therapy skills. She also teaches public classes in Hamburg and online classes on the platform as well as on retreats worldwide, various workshops such as yoga as therapy and trains other teachers in teacher trainings.
She is booked regularly by companies as an inspirational speaker on topics like mindfulness. Furthermore, she loves writing and regularly writes articles for various blogs and magazines, is the “mindful contributor” to the magazine „Emotion Slow“ and recently published her third yoga book.