Anna Winter


Anna Winter is an experienced yoga and meditation instructor, specialized in hormone yoga and stress management. She helps others not to identify themselves with symptoms and remain with their problems but rather gives them practical help in how to get rid of them and how to expand awareness. She leads people and with ease and joy to a wonderful journey to the inside in order to connect again with oneself. She believes in inner peace and that a deep connection with oneself leads to a happier life. Her practice is physically strong and mentally inspiring. Her impulses are practical and implementable in order to integrate a clear mindset in life.

She enthusiastically passes on her experiences at festivals and conferences. Meditations for higher energy potentials can be found on the Meditation Studio app.

With her hormone yoga series and workbook she supports women in their way back to hormonal balance and satisfaction.

In addition, she developed her own program, GLOW. Glow is a lifestyle. It is about being present, because that is a quality in which higher emotions such as joy and trust can be experienced. Change happens the moment you are present. Glow up!