Get Your Head Out Of The Sand

The truth is…

Being a yoga entrepreneur ain’t easy …

There are so many moving parts, so many moving people, constant changes in technology, limited resources, and juggling day to day responsibilities.READ MORE

Sticks, Stones, Sicily & Studio Support

Hello Dear Yogi’s,

Wishing you all a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  My brother, father and grandfather all served in the US Military and our typical way to celebrate has been a big, fat BBQ!  May you enjoy this time with you and yours.

As a child I always recited the school yard mantra: “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”READ MORE

Brooklyn, Rome, Beyoncé

Hello Yogi’s!

We hope this email finds you happy, healthy, and enjoying the long awaited spring.

It has been QUITE a winter.

They say “Rome (or Beyoncé) wasn’t built in a day” – and neither was YAMA. Rather, it is a constant evolution as we continue to build alongside our amazing clients as Catalysts for Better Living, spreading the tools of wellness to communities of all kinds across the globe. I share this with you because I know that you are all out there dreaming and manifesting businesses that support this very same cause.

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