~ the reBUILD ~ Online Video Series & Single Coaching Session

~ the reBUILD ~ Online Video Series & Single Coaching Session

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the reBUILD series 

90 Days to Your Next Normal


This moment is the beginning of something new for the yoga industry, something next!
NOW is the time to stake your claim and create the yoga business you want and deserve.
By getting proactive, and leaning into the unknown, you can meet the moment, take control of your business and co-create your Next Normal.
The reBUILD series is designed to help you focus on what you can control through a 6 part series of video w/practical + timely lessons, take home exercises, opportunities for feedback + mental health tips to help you harness how the world has changed and how you can maximize on it.
The program culminates in a 90 Day Thrive Plan.
Together over the course of (1) 90 minute session, we will review your 90 Day Thrive Plan, providing the ultimate in morale, support, interaction and accountability:
Your Next Normal is waiting. 
For yoga teachers and studio owners reconstructing their businesses after a year of unprecedented change in the wake of Covid-19. Never before has our industry faced such dramatic shifts to the way we live, practice + teach yoga. Our professional lives today look nothing like what they did a year ago, and the truth is, we are not going back to normal. This defining moment is the true start of something new ---- something NEXT!  The reBUILD is designed to take you through reSPONSE + reCOVERY and into THRIVE mode.
  • reFLECT:  on the reality of what we have experienced + learned professionally this past year

  • reASSESS:  our prior professional lives; what was working, what was not and the direction we were heading - including personal + work life balance

  • reIMAGINE:  freely the myriad of possibilities + potential that exist for your business when everything falls away

      • reIDENTIFY:  

    • your reopening goals + start thinking beyond the pandemic > where do you really want to go from here? 

    • reSET:  new strategies to accomplish your reopening goals
    • reCLAIM:  NOW is a great time to be in business.  It’s time to THRIVE again.

    Click here to check out the reBUILD Online Video Series.