The Finish Line – Custom Consulting Package

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This game changing one on one consulting package allows you to move your business forward in a significant way, by identifying & accomplishing multiple high priority goals. By focusing on your unique skills, talents, environment and purpose, we strategically set the road map for the evolution of your yoga business and provide the tools you need to get the ‘ISH done.

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5 reviews for The Finish Line – Custom Consulting Package

  1. ava

    After teaching Yoga for 19 years, it was time to become more visible and I couldn’t have found a better guide for the journey…. I bless the day I met Ava Taylor at YAMA Talent! She’s actually an angel disguised as a multi-talented coach, mentor, and marketing whiz. Her ability to see the bigger picture, and break it down to fun, manageable tasks is truly remarkable. But most of all, for all of her business expertise and smarts, she’s got one of the most beautiful hearts around. And it shows in the team she has surrounded herself with at YAMA Talent!
    Patty Holmes, The Yoga Garden, White Plains, NY

  2. ava

    Six months ago I began working with a new agent and business coach and went through a pretty tough self-examination to explore what my vision was for the studio. Today I can say that I am most assuredly not running Real Pilates alone anymore. The studio has been literally transformed this year, and I am as inspired as I have ever been.
    Alycea Ungaro, Founder of Real Pilates

  3. ava

    Ava gave Laughing Lotus her wings, and turned us from a caterpillar into a ButterFLY! She has the wisdom, keen eye, brilliant team, and follow through that delivered us to where we are today.
    Dana Trixie Flynn, Laughing Lotus NYC

  4. ava

    I love working with Ava. She’s helped me to make refinements to my products, my website, to my brand; given me ideas, and helped me to put together clear concepts about what I really want to share and offer to the world. I’d recommend it to anybody. It’s really powerful to work one on one with somebody who can hold space, and who has so much knowledge about this business. I’m forever grateful.
    Dagmar Spremberg, Montezuma Yoga

  5. Yvette Jain

    Yoga is my passion. Over a number of years, I have been fortunate enough to practice and teach. There’s nothing else I’d rather do. But…

    At least once in our lives, something happens that changes us forever. For me, it was motherhood. My body, yoga practice, and life perspective have evolved because of it.

    Because of this major change, I really had to dig deeper and look within to discover who I am now. YAMA Talent helped me to do just that. On our first meeting, Ava Taylor asked me to stand in front of her (literally putting me on the spot, and under a spotlight for dramatic effect) and tell her who I was & why I was teaching. I spoke freely, from the bottom of my heart, and verbalized exactly what I have been feeling since I got pregnant with my first born son.

    I believe that children are our future and that it’s important to keep calm and cultivate equanimity so we can co-create a life of possibility with them and the community in which we live.

    Also, given that my priority is family life at this point in time, I face many obstacles when it comes to teaching yoga, from a logistical & timing standpoint. The prime teaching times occur exactly when my kids need me most!

    YAMA helped me to find a creative solution to manage family responsibilities and get back to the work I love to do.

    Ava Taylor has helped me to clarify and redefine who I am now as a person and teacher, and has given me tools to execute my vision. She’s smart, resourceful, and flexible – a great blend of personal touch and professionalism.

    I remember reading something that Sonia Bach shared beautifully on YAMA’s social media regarding yoga and the purpose of teaching; that’s what what drew me to YAMA Talent. “Yoga simply helps to transform and grow into something bigger than yourself… As ideas and visions enter our system, it is our responsibility to cultivate them into action, thus living to our fullest potential….” I completely agree.

    The yoga we share is our ultimate contribution to the world. Thanks to Ava Taylor & YAMA Talent, I am able to continue my work once again.

    With so much love and gratitude!!!!!!!!!

    Yvette Jain

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