The Yoga of Money

If you’re a yoga instructor, a studio owner, or a brand looking to take your game to the next level, Ava Taylor can help you make that leap. Ava is an entrepreneur and the founder of YAMA Talent, a management firm dedicated to nurturing yoga teachers and businesses. Today on “The Yoga of Money,” she shares her story of taking her passion for the practice and becoming the world’s first yoga agent. Recognizing that yoga teachers can barely eke out a living, Ava’s built a bridge between the teachers and the business world. In short, she makes it possible for yoga teachers to make a living. After all, yoga sustains us physically and mentally, why not financially, too? Yogis, start earning a better living today and listen to Ava Taylor. They don’t call her “Ari Gold” for nothing.

The Yoga of Money is a road map to achieving financial independence and living in abundance through yoga’s timeless teachings. Mindfulness is truly the first step in mastering money management. With mindfulness, you use money. Money doesn’t use you.

Our money life, like yoga, is a journey or path. Using the Life Planning process, Jeff Bogart helps put his clients on a critical path, a vision quest of their future without the burdens of worrying about money! Bogart offers time-tested advice about growing wealth the smart way, the yoga way.

Listen here for Ava Taylor’s interview on VoiceAmerica Empowerment with Jeff Bogart.


February 4, 2017


Business, Talent