Stretching the Yoga Network

“(Yoga) is a really large, fragmented industry,” Fisher says. “What we’re essentially doing is bringing it together and trying to de-fragment it to give brands and creators more of an opportunity to leverage scale. A big part of Viral Spiral’s business is helping brands connect with creators who can make branded content for them, so there are a huge range of possibilities, from product placement to ownership of a particular channel or a particular space and even live events.” […]

“We are pulling together a fragmented group of artists,” Taylor says.

[…] But it is understood that, to truly succeed, the Digital Yoga Network has to be more than just a collection of sweaty people in tights demonstrating the downward dog. “The aim of the network is to grow into a much wider lifestyle network that is founded on the principles of yoga,” which will, of course, be reflected in the brand partners who will be invited on board.

Get more from YAMA Talent’s Ava Taylor and Viral Spiral’s Daniel Fisher and Ben Zola over in Todd Longwell’s coverage of the Digital Yoga Network at StreamDaily. (And check out the network here!)


February 4, 2017


Business, Talent