Happy Healthy Relaxation For Kids: Fun With Breath! By Bari Koral

Consider this.

You may not the be the only – one who experiences stress in your house hold. Children of all ages deal with stress, from transitions to separating from parents for the day, new situations, even complex social interactions. We can teach children to calm themselves and self-regulate with fun breathing activities that take minutes to do and can lead to a lifetime of healthy living tools!
Here are some fun breathing activities that emphasize longer, slower exhales. When we are stressed our breath becomes shallow, especially our exhales. Whether you are 4 or 40, when you slow down and lengthen your breath it’s a sign for our nervous system to relax!

Let your child know that their breath can help them relax! You can suggest times to ”breathe” such as after a big activity to help them calm down, to get ready for bedtime, if they have any trouble falling asleep, or any time a child may be feeling upright nervous or anxious. Quick tip: Instead of waiting for your child’s next temper tantrum to introduce these fun breathing activities, try them when your child is relaxed! With practice, the child will be able to more effectively “breathe” their way out of more stressful moments.

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February 4, 2017