Amazing coverage of Faith Hunter’s “Haitian Love Affair” – Find out how you can get involved in empowering the Women of Haiti

At YAMA Talent – we are passionate about helping our clients fulfill their dreams. It is with the utmost honor and respect that we share this article written by our dear Faith Hunter and the corresponding crowdfunding campaign and retreat in support of the women of Haiti – her passion project come to life.

An excerpt from the Mantra Magazine Article:
My trip to Haiti was not a “mission vacation,” but rather the continuous expression of divinity in action. It is my dharma, my ultimate purpose in life to be present and give from my heart. It was an opportunity to connect with the women and children of this beautiful country on common ground. Although there are challenges and a mix of daily struggles in this country of mountains, I opted to drop into a place of just being. “Island time” became my friend and Haiti soon became my lover.
As in many developing countries, women in Haiti are largely underserved and make up a large portion of the at-risk population. Inspired by Lizandra’s commitment to empower girls and women in Haiti, my response came from a place of knowing we are all one. Lizandra moved to Haiti to teach yoga fulltime, understanding the principle that when we invest in girls and women, the whole community benefits. To date, over 10,000 NGOs and international organizations have worked in Haiti since the earthquake. Many of them focus on stabilizing the country’s infrastructure; however, Lizandra’s efforts, Project Zen Empowerment and Ayiti Yoga Outreach, go beyond providing service to others. Her projects are rooted in giving people the option to experience peace of mind and heart. Through the practice of yoga and meditation, the inner-self is fertilized and the outer-self is stabilized to handle the struggles of day-today life.

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February 4, 2017