Ava Taylor, Founder and Chief Catalyst – An avid yogi, and a tenacious, creative entrepreneur with her finger on the pulse of the rapidly expanding yoga industry.

Ava is well-connected, in the ‘right place at the right time,’ and the go-to strategist for top professional yoga teachers, studios, and brands looking to increase their relevance in the yoga space.

Ava holds a degree in economics and intercultural communication along with a distinguished resume in high level management and growth expansion at Clear Channel & lululemon athletica. With a clear vision, mission and some good old fashioned chutzpah, Ava was primed to enter the world of entrepreneurship, when she self-funded and self-founded YAMA in 2010.

Committed to running an ethics-based business, her personal mission is to be a Catalyst for Better Living and to bring the tools of wellness to communities of all kinds. She accomplishes this goal by providing business structure, guidance & opportunity to support the missions & messages of her clients. Ava believes in a future where being healthy is the ultimate in cool, and that every yoga business can thrive; YAMA was built from scratch with these beliefs firmly in mind.

Ava is not afraid of hard work, to make mistakes (they have been made!), or to work for and negotiate with the very best. This hard earned trust and depth of experience, has generated an unbelievable demand for services.

Since 2010, YAMA has collaborated with an extremely high caliber of clientele, (please see our who we work for page for full list of clients), and pioneered the development of the business models of booking, management & consulting in the yoga space, as well as creating and instituting a professional infrastructure to support the growth of the previously ‘mom & pop’ yoga industry. In addition, YAMA has co-produced the annual Yoga Garden at The White House, and both of the worlds largest yoga classes.

Lovingly known as the ‘Ari Gold of Yoga,’ Ava is a sought out contributor in the media, and known for having unparalleled market knowledge, the latest in data & trends, as well as tools and techniques to maintain healthy businesses within the yoga space. With a mega-watt smile & infectious energy, she has been featured more than twice in the New York Times, and even landed a few magazine covers of her own! She was recently placed on a short list of influencers by the Yoga Alliance, sits on the Board of Advisors for Z Living TV, and previously on the board of The Lineage Project.

Committed to YAMA growth and the growth of her clients as it is directly linked to the growth of yoga & wellness, the immediate future holds increases to staff, setting up an office in Europe, and producing digital business products to cater to demand.

Ava loves people, art, food, culture and history. She lives & OM’s in Cologne, Germany with her wife Sonia Taylor Bach and their very handsome Rhodesian Ridgeback Jai.

To book Ava for business of yoga events, email us at