Sonia Taylor Bach

Yoga Philosophy

Sonia’s teaching focuses on riding the creative wave of the moment, as it relates to the energy of what is present in the space. An authentic, poetic and persistent instructor, Sonia creates an opportunity to discover the flow of movement with ease and grace, while inspiring attention to the details, to the delicate subtleties of vinyasa; to the not obvious beauty of the flow. These innovative combinations of poses offer new challenges, and new perspectives that can only be delivered by someone who knows the practice as notes and has the freedom and capacity to compose at will.

Sonia’s classes are filled with humor & heart medicine; she weaves ancient life philosophy together with a thoroughly modern perspective. Encouraging everyone to live their lives in full totality and to celebrate the beauty of the human spirit.

More of a conversation than a class, each experience with Sonia invites you to extract more from your practice and more from your life.


Sonia T. Bach is the director of the yogaloft cologne.  With a masters degree in philosophy & a former professional jazz musician, Sonia became deeply involved in yoga 17 years ago.  She was profoundly touched and fascinated by the yogic approach merging into the moment of ‘here & now’.  Like playing music, it never happens in the past or future, it is born in the present moment.  Until today, Sonia can be found in the field of love with yoga.  Bringing both paradoxical currencies of consciousness, manifestation for the soul and liberation for the spirit, aligned with the truth & reality through her daily committed sadhana.