Dina Amsterdam
Dina Amsterdam
Dina Amsterdam

Dina Amsterdam has developed a unique InnerYoga approach to teaching yoga whether to first timers, advanced practitioners or teachers in training.  Whether the practice is strong, fluid, still, or alignment oriented, she guides students from the inside out – helping them to slow down internally, harness the power of their attention as well as their strength, open their hearts, and awaken their connection tangibly to the natural flows of energy and inner capacities that cultivate harmony in the body and mind. Dina is adept at translating esoteric teachings into simple digestible practices that help her students to access their best selves in the face of life’s inevitable inner and outer challenges and to bring those skills off the mat and into life.



Quotes by Dina's students:


Dina is an incredibly gifted guide to the practitioner seeking answers that can only be found within.  Her training is deep, thoughtful, and practically useful.  After the InnerYoga and Yin  training with Dina I felt invigorated, connected and ready to integrate Yin yoga into my teaching and personal practice. Dina’s approach brings us  back to the heart of the practice of yoga. Going inward. Knowing your self.  Growing spiritually. Remembering your divine nature.


Kat Atkinson - Yoga Instructor specializing in pre-natal and fertility issues

Through practicing with Dina I have deepened my relationship with the subtle body. Her approach has taken me closer to the source of my creativity and calmness. It has been a great addition to the ashtanga yoga I practice 6 days a week and given me both more physical stamina and nurtured a general feeling of well being.


Joe Wolff -   Poet and Teacher

In studying with Dina my understanding of yoga has become deeper, I have been using InnerYoga  not only in my home practice, but also throughout the day.  I have been noticing better interactions with people, my surroundings, and with myself.  I am better able to listen to myself and take care.


I would recommend the training to others:  I learned so much and feel as if the rest of the group did, too.  Although we all walked away with similar foundational knowledge/skills, we also walked away with deep inner learning specific to each of us.  A meaningful journey!


Beth Harenza -  English Teacher



Dina Amsterdam began her yoga journey over 20 years ago as a path of self-healing and has been teaching since 1994.  Her extensive exploration and studies in Buddhism, Taoism, Yin yoga, Iyengar alignment, yoga therapy and physiological psychology inform her mindfulness-based teaching style.


Selected as the ‘Best Classic Yoga Instructor in San Francisco’ by San Francisco Magazine, Dina has been featured in many publications for, amongst other things, her creation of InnerYoga, expertise in Yin yoga and her work with beginners and teacher trainees. Publications include Yoga Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times, Natural Health, Women’s Health, Yogi Times, SF Weekly, and The Huffington Post. 


Dina is based in San Francisco at Yoga Tree and offers workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings there and nationwide. Dina leads the alignment portion of the Yoga Tree Teacher Training (200 hour certification) and the Advanced Yoga Tree Teacher Training core module (500 hour certification). In addition, Dina offers immersion courses for beginners and ongoing workshops and trainings in Yin and InnerYoga.


Dina maintains a private practice working with clients on a wide range of issues from eating and anxiety disorders to CEOs wanting to refine their leadership abilities, doctors wanting to reduce stress in themselves and their patients and yoga students and teachers on the path of self-transformation and realization.



When Dina isn’t teaching yoga you might find her at a podium speaking to primary care physicians - Dina is a passionate public speaker about the benefits of mindfulness and the science that backs it up - or in the boardroom - Dina serves on the board of directors of HEADSTAND, the first organization in the United States to fully integrate yoga and mindfulness into school curriculum.


Dina is student and practitioner on the path and is deeply grateful to her longtime teachers/ mentors - Sarah and Ty Powers and Jennifer Welwood – for the profound wisdom of their teachings and their loving and skillful guidance toward self-knowing, love, and awakening.


For More of Dina, Click here for an article in ISSUU.


Date Event City State/Country Venue
05/16/13 - 05/18/13 Yin Yoga Immersions: Spring Corte Madera San Francisco Yoga Tree
05/08/13 Therapeutic Yin San Francisco CA The Jewish Community Center
04/18/13 - 04/20/13 Yin Yoga Immersions: Spring Corte Madera CA Yoga Tree
12/03/11 InnerYoga for Real Life: It’s an inside Job Workshop SF CA The Yoga Tree - Valencia.
12/02/11 Yoga 101 Workshop SF CA The Yoga Tree - Valencia.
11/17/11 InnerYoga teacher training module for Yoga Tree SF CA The Yoga Tree - Valencia.
11/11/11 - 11/12/11 Yoga Tree YTT Alignment & Teaching SF CA The Yoga Tree - Valencia.
11/10/11 InnerYoga teacher training module for Yoga Tree SF CA The Yoga Tree - Valencia.
11/04/11 - 11/05/11 Yoga Tree YTT Alignment & Teaching SF CA The Yoga Tree - Valencia.
10/21/11 - 10/22/11 Yoga Tree YTT Alignment & Teaching SF CA The Yoga Tree - Valencia.